AI text to 3D Art.

2 min readJan 13, 2023

Hello Community!

We are sure that you guys would want to know, what we have been doing beside the major updates which we are pushing to the current open beta of Spark Era.

Our team worked effortlessly to create a usable pipeline to complete/conquer 3D generation. We observed that many people with similar mindsets in this field were attempting to do the same. We wish that by open-sourcing this repository, rather than everyone having to start from scratch, it would serve as a foundation for people to share their discoveries and make improvements on top of what we built, thus accelerating the process.

Those who are knew, we are Firework Games Entertainment Limited, a Hong Kong-based game developer, we are contributing to the revolutionizing the gaming industry by integrating the world’s first AI-powered personalized battle companion in our upcoming game, Spark Era. The team behind the game has been working on natural language processing (NLP) and 3D generative arts to bring this revolutionary AI to life.

As a result of their hard work, the team has decided to open-source the code for their text-to-3D AI model on Github. This will allow developers and enthusiasts alike to contribute and also use the code for their own projects.

The integration of an advanced AI companion in Spark Era takes NPCs (non-player characters) to a whole new level. Similar to J.A.R.V.I.S in the Iron Man movies, the AI companion in Spark Era will guide players through the game, providing personalized support and assistance, once the AI is fully matured.

The open sourcing of this code is a significant step forward in the development of AI in the gaming industry. By making the code available to the public, Firework Games invites collaboration and innovation from the broader developer community. This will accelerate the advancement of AI in gaming and could lead to the creation of even more advanced and realistic AI companions in future games.

In summary, by publishing the text-to-3D AI model code on Github, we seeks to advance the use of AI in creating ultra-realistic in-game experiences through open-source industry collaboration.

The pipeline was made possible by the amazing work by carson-katri/dream-textures. @openAI Point-E, NVIDIA AI kaolin DMTet..


Thank you all for the time, to read through this.