Brian D. Evans, SPARK ERA’s Strategic Advisor, will take the stage

5 min readJul 16, 2022

Today, we are excited to introduce Firework Games’ newest advisor, Brian D. Evans.

Brian will be officially joining Firework Games as a strategic advisor for our studio’s first game, “Spark Era: Echo to Universe” which will be released in August 2022. He will be working closely with us on onboarding projects, along with IP and marketing efforts. We have been in touch with Brian over the past few months, sharing our progress, while he’s provided us with feedback and strategies on how to approach marketing during the development stage.

Brian D. Evans

A successful entrepreneur and author, Brian has experience in eCommerce, tech and SaaS platforms, PR, digital publishing, user acquisition, NFTs, blockchain technology, AI, marketing, and advertising, and also boasts over a million followers on Twitter. Awario and Entrepreneur Magazine have both named him as a Top 3 digital influencer on the planet, while Forbes recently named him to their list of top 50 social media power players.

Brian is the founder of a marketing and advertising agency (today it serves more as a Venture Studio), which has been listed on the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America and was one of the Top 25 Advertising and Marketing Companies in America. Brian has a knack for assisting businesses in resolving critical entrepreneurial challenges with his bold ideas, innovative business models, aggressive user acquisition, and world-class network.

He’s been a part of several successful businesses and has aided many more in generating multi-million dollars in revenue and acquiring millions of users. He’s also helped numerous companies get published in the world’s top publications.

Brian As A Spark Era/Firework Games Advisor

Brian is a crucial figure for us to introduce to the market before we start our spaceship and character NFT sales. He brings a unique blend of knowledge in user acquisition, Web 3.0, and video games, and has helped platforms acquire millions of users throughout his career, notably in the gaming space. His presence and strategic guidance will help us introduce Spark Era to gamers across the globe, along with identifying unexplored opportunities within the blockchain/gaming sectors.

Brian has over 25 years of high-level experience in business as an advisor, consultant, and founder. Having him on our side will be a game-changer not just because of his industry knowledge but also due to his lifelong quest for new possibilities and ideas. His input and expertise will help us extend our global reach and enable us to take our business to the next level, as we strive to provide the greatest gaming experience possible.

Brian will advise the Firework team in marketing the game along with providing introductions to his global network of industry and infrastructure partners. He will also offer advice on in-game NFTs and structures that benefit the Spark Era community, sharing his insights as a gamer, expert, and participant in NFTs and GameFi.

To learn more about Brian and his impressive achievements, check out his bio.

Radeesh — CEO of Firework Games

“Please welcome Brian D. Evans to Firework Games! Having Brian, who has been onboarded as a strategic adviser, will bring several advantages to the game not just in terms of marketing exposure but also on the development side. As an early blockchain-based game educator and entrepreneur, his gaming knowledge will assist us to develop the ultimate next-generation Battle Royale game, as well as great advice on elements within the development process!

As we’ve seen in the gaming industry over the last three years, ATH was above $ 218 billion. Most significantly, by 2024, this number of users is expected to increase by 45 percent. To add further context, most of the top earners were free-to-play Battle Royale Games, whereas game profits are derived from in-game assets (Skin) sales. A high-profile figure such as Brian will play an important role in Spark Era’s breakthrough in this market.”

Brian D.Evans — SPARK ERA’s Strategic Advisor

“When I invest in or advise companies, I always look at the people first and foremost. I’m also extremely bullish in the web3 gaming space. So with a great team and a really high-quality game demo, I think Firework has a great shot at success. I will be opening up my network for them to give them the best chance of success. I’m excited to be advising on the project, and absolutely in love with the web3 video game space.”

About Us

Firework Games is a game development company that is committed to using cutting-edge technology in its games. The infrastructure is built with gaming in mind, allowing for unique gameplay experiences for web2.0 and web3.0 users alike. Immersion and mobile apps are emphasized at the Studio, allowing players to have easy access to our games while also integrating innovation throughout our ecosystem into the gaming business.

R&D is also the firm’s major focus. The goal is to create an immersive metaverse, predicted by AI based on each user’s prior behaviors, while users can be in the same dimension, their perception is unique — tailored to each user’s desires. In brief, our developers are former Tencent and NetEase, and we have AI scientists in California. The first game that we developed is Spark ERA. The beta version is currently open on PC/VR and the official launch of the Android/iOS in August 2022.

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