Introducing AI-Enhanced NPCs Exploring INO Details

5 min readJun 17, 2022

In today’s article, we’ll explore how AI technology will fit into the Spark Era gameplay experience through NPCs and how gamers can gain early access to interact with our AI cutting-edge technology.

We’re also going to dive into some of the details on our spaceship and character NFTs as we gear up for our upcoming INO.

Introducing AI-enhanced NPCs

In our previous article, we introduced our revolutionary approach to artificial intelligence. We outlined how we envision the technology enabling us to offer a truly unique experience that’s unlike any other game on the market, traditional or blockchain-based.

By integrating accelerated deep reinforcement learning and embodiment hypothesis in our game development, we will be able to create AI-enhanced characters and environments that will ‘feel and act’ as close to real-life as possible.

Now, let’s take a look at how AI will fit into the game through non-player characters.

Bringing an NPC to Life

Bringing a character to life begins with a Natural Language Processing/Understanding model or NLP (NLU).

The NLP (NLU) is a neural network model with incredible abilities, by fine tuning and training through our unique dataset. This process adds the information and understanding gleaned through the previously mentioned accelerated deep reinforcement learning. The enhanced NLP is then added to a character, giving the character behavioural properties and a ‘world view.’

NPC Companions In the Game

AI-enhanced NPCs will play a vital role in how gamers experience Spark Era by helping them gain a complete understanding of the game, along with the objectives and stories of their respective roles.

These in-game companions will not only educate but will act as an assistant, helping streamline game progression while adapting and learning by observing real-time decisions made by the user. AI will allow the NPC companion to increase its ‘knowledge’ through the observation of a player’s habits and strategies.

Based on the gamer’s decisions and the circumstances present in various situations, the AI will provide suggestions such as weapons upgrades, power-ups, and other steps to help players take the best path forward in the game.

Thus, the AI assistant will not only add to the realistic feel and experience in the game but will also remove the necessity for players to try to find and endlessly scan through lists and cheat sheets to determine which upgrade or move is the most beneficial at any given time.

Gamers will be able to experience a working model of an AI-enhanced assistant in the game as early as September of this year.

Proof-of-Concept Characters

Currently, we have created four proof-of-concept characters that showcase the successful early-stage integration of our AI technology.

We’ve set up a private section in our Discord server, where these characters have the ability to carry a conversation, reacting with different responses based on questions and topics related to their role and race.

While the purpose of the characters at this point is to educate users on their respective races, they are able to react appropriately…..or sometimes inappropriately, if need be, to inquiries, depending on the direction one attempts to take the conversation.

Additionally, we will have an AI experiment ‘playground’ set up shortly in Discord that will allow gamers to interact with our AI-enhanced concept NPCs in a game setting.

How To Gain Early Access To Our AI Characters

Participants in our upcoming initial NFT offering (INO) will automatically gain access to the AI characters in our Discord server and the space station playground.

Since we’re on the topic, let’s take a look at some of the INO details and NFTs that will be available through our NFT offering.

Initial NFT Offering and NFTs

Although we don’t have a confirmed date yet for the INO, we can share some of the details related to the NFTs that will be featured in the sale.

Both character and spaceship loot boxes will be available through the offering. The INO will feature 3000 spaceships and 2000 character NFT loot boxes.

Character Lootboxes

Character loot boxes will be available in four classes; common, rare, epic and legendary. Each class will have five hundred loot boxes.

While each loot box level will have a chance of containing a high rarity level NFT, this percentage chance increases with the level of the loot box. So, in this scenario, a legendary box has a higher percentage chance of containing a high rarity level NFT than an epic box, while an epic loot box has a higher percentage chance than a rare box, and so on.

Character NFTs belong to one of the game’s four factions; Confederation of Earth, Empire of Amda, Esman Zerg and Titans(Eternal Protoss). These characters play different roles in the game, ranging from Common Soldier and Star Soldier to Scientist, Commander and Leader. All character cards, except for Leaders, fall into one of three material subcategories; Bronze, Silver or Gold, which affects their power score.

Spaceship NFTs

Spaceship NFTs encompass nineteen 3D models, each with unique purposes and functions, featuring different power levels and belonging to one of the following rarity levels; common, rare, epic or legendary.

INO participants will be able to acquire a first edition spaceship NFT which has a 10% decrease on the wear off compared to post-INO buyers.


To summarize, our AI features will continue to advance and evolve with our game development, contributing valuable insights to the game while creating an individually unique and immersive real-life-like environment for players. Our upcoming initial NFT offering will not only provide access to in-game assets, but will also include early access to our AI-enhanced companions in our Discord server and upcoming space station AI playground.

We will share an INO date and host platform soon. Please follow our social media channels to stay up to date.

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