Introducing First Edition Spark Era NFT Perks and Utilities

5 min readAug 4, 2022

Greetings, Community!

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With our initial NFT offering (INO) coming up on August 8th, we thought we’d share a bit more about the benefits available to early adopter Spark Era NFT holders.


In Spark Era, we utilize blockchain technology to ensure scarcity and provable ownership of in-game assets. Gamers who wish to take advantage of the benefits available through Web 3.0 technology will be able to buy, sell, trade or rent assets through the in-game marketplace. Additionally, players will be able to access rewards opportunities through their gameplay, including participation in daily battles and challenges, as well as eSports tournaments and guild battles.

SPARK ERA: Space Ship NFT — Trailblazer

NFT assets in the game will include spaceships, characters, character gear, weapons and spaceship upgrades, personalized parts, special usage protocols and mothership upgrades.

The NFTs that will be available through the INO will be our First Edition Spaceships.


Spaceships in Battles

Since SPARK ERA is the first ever space-based battle-royale MMO title, it might be a little self-explanatory that a spaceship will be required to play the game.

SPARK ERA — Battle ground environment

Following the storyline of the game’s four factions, gamers will use their spaceship to engage other players in battles to the death, for glory, interplanetary domination and the top spot on the game leaderboard.

Battles will take place in real-time, with players dodging their opponents’ attacks, as well as powerful cosmic gamma-ray blasts that can destroy their ship and end their game. With dense meteorite belts, inhabited space stations, planets and black holes, along with the debris and wreckage of countless spacecraft from previous battles, gamers will be able to experience stunningly realistic visuals of the virtual universe on mobile, PC and eventually in VR.

First Edition SPARK ERA Spaceship NFT Collection Utilities and Perks


This collection will feature sixteen different 3D spaceship models with common, rare, epic or legendary rarity ratings. The models range from light stealth vehicles to heavy combat and transport units, with varying power ratings and utilities. Ships will be upgradable with power-ups such as weapons, shields and boosts, which are NFT assets that players will be able to earn through game-play.

Benefits and Utilities
Let’s take a look at the utilities and available benefits of owning a First Edition Spark Era Spaceship NFT below:

  • 10% less wear-off — More gameplay time, more opportunities to earn rewards and more fun!
  • Access to our Character AI on Discord — The opportunity to interact with Spark Era’s AI-enhanced NPCs in Discord, to learn about the Spark Era game story through the characters’ conversations.
  • Whitelisted for closed beta testing — NFT owners will be able to participate in the closed testing of the Spark Era game beta version set to go live in August.
  • First Edition SPARK ERA Pioneer commemorative NFT collection — This collection will only be issued once and will never be offered again.
  • Referral code with 5% rebate (in stablecoins) for all future Spark Era NFTs — Can be shared with friends, colleagues, neighbors and pets (who knows, your dog might enjoy space battle-royale games)
SPARK ERA — Characters

Since we mentioned our AI-enhanced NPCs, let’s check out a conversation between the non-player characters from our Discord server that showcases the abilities of applied reinforcement learning in action. These characters will play a vital role in how each player experiences Spark Era and will bring a real-life-like element that has never been available in a game before.


To learn more about how AI-enhanced NPCs will fit into Spark Era’s gameplay, you can check out this detailed article.

Please stay tuned to the Spark Era social media channels to stay up to date with all our announcements as we get closer to our INO and the official launch of the game later this month.

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R&D is also one of the firm’s major focuses. The goal is to create an immersive metaverse predicted by AI based on each user’s prior behaviours. While users can be in the same dimension, their perception is unique — tailored to each one’s desires. In brief, our developers are former Tencent and NetEase, and we have AI scientists in California. The first game that we developed is Spark ERA. The beta version is currently open on PC/VR, and the official launch of the Android/iOS is in August 2022.

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