Invite & Play with your friends; in this Space Era.

3 min readDec 22, 2022

Hello Interstellar Explorers,

If you are following Spark Era and the development in our discord. You may have heard that we were about to introduce Team MODE’s where you would be able to play SOLO or SQUAD’s or even DUO vs SQUADS if you have only 1 friend playing with you.

Recent update:
Team Mode — You can now play with your friends in team against others.
Social system — You can invite and be friends with your friends.
Avatar — Ready Player Me avatar function is now live.

Without spending more time, lets deep dive into how you can invite your friends and gain some rewards for you and your friends, while playing a high quality game in which you would be able to own the in-game assets if you own any.

How to Invite Your Friends & Track Your Rewards in Future.

We assume that, you already followed our previous tutorial about how to login and connect your assets to play with them in the game; if not read here……

Invite your friends:

1- Visit click referral

2- Login: using the same email credentials as your game login.

3- Click ‘Copy Link’ and send to your friends. You can keep track of your rewards during different events, as on chain players.

There are few other ways to share the link with your friends. you can also while in the game take a picture and share with your friends. The friend can scan the QR code and join.

Hope this tutorial was helpful enough to create and track your invites.

Keep an eye for the upcoming updates of the game.

Enjoy the Space Battles .