Spark Era — How to Sign up and Play the Game as Asset Owner.

3 min readDec 22, 2022
Spark Era Space station

Hello Interstellar Explorers,

In the past few months at Spark Era have been hectic as we’ve continued developing the game.

Its now the right time to guide you through to start with the Spark Era — Echo to Universe Asset owner to play with and among other gamers using their assets on chain. This tutorials is for the players who use Blockchain.

We are currently Live on Play Store and AppStore; You are welcome to download and Start with the game.

So now you have your game donwloaded; but you don’t see any of the assets you own on chain in the game. This is very simple. Head to this is the official website of SPARK ERA’s Publisher Firework Games Entertainment Limited

Very first step; donwload the game; and create a user using your e-mail ID.

1- Visit Official wesbite of Spark Era publisher Firework Games Entertainment Limited.

2- Login using the same e-mail ID and Password, you used to create a user in the game. If you have yet not created a a user in the game app; you can create a user here as well, then login.

3- Head to the storage; and connect your wallet where you have the assets. We are using BSC (Binance Smart Chain) for now.

4- Click Synchronize Assets

5- Now you will be able to see your own assets (SpaceShips) which you can freely move to the game; and back to your wallet.

6- Log Back into your Game App;


8- You ships will be available for you to choose; before the battle.

Enjoy the game, if you like the game; Leave your reviews on Play Store or Appstore.